Bicentennial: Thursday, May 2, 1935

Talking about lost men in these mountains, I would say that for wholesale disappearance the “Sandy Creek Voyage” holds the record. This was a demonstration in force against the Indian towns...


Bicentennial: Thursday, May 11, 1935

The words of wisdom of Governor John J. Cornwell, as spoken at the annual older boys conference held at Wheeling under the auspices of the Young Men’s Christian Association. continued… Familiar as all...


100 Years Ago: December 5, 1918

“The Rhine! The Rhine! The German Rhine! Who guards today that stream divine? The answer to the impassioned shriek is: Men from off of Bruffeys Creek And Briery Branch and Rosin Run And [...]


100 Years Ago: November 21, 1918

What is a Communist? One who hath yearnings For equal division of unequal earnings, Idler or bungler, or both, he is willing To fork out his penny and pocket your shilling.


100 Years Ago: November 14, 1918

WAR OVER The Great War ended on Monday at eleven o’clock when Germany agreed to all the terms laid down by the Allied Commander, General Foch. The Local Board has been notified not



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