By an act of the Virginia Legislature,

assembled at Richmond, Va. in 1821, Pocahontas County was formed of property detached from the counties of Bath, Pendleton, and Randolph.  Huntersville was established as the county seat.  The first county court convened in March, 1822 in the home of John Bradshaw. Justices were John Jordan, William Poage, James Tallman, Robert Gay, George Poage, Benjamin Tallman, John Baxter, and George Burner.

Col. J. Howe Peyton, first commonwealth’s attorney of Pocahontas County, provides an early description of the county:

Pocahontas is a fine grazing county, and the support of the people is mainly derived from their flocks, cattle, horses, and sheep which they drive over the mountains to market.  There is little money among them except after these excursions, but they have little need of it—every want is supplied by the happy country they possess, and of which they are as proud as the Swiss of their mountains.  It is a pretty country, a country of diversified and beautiful scenery in which there is a wealth of verdure and variety which keeps the attention alive and the outward eye delighted.

j. Howe Peyton, Pocahontas County Commonwealth's Attorney (1823)

Helena Gondry’s Bicentennial Poem “The Maiden’s Dream”

In the ensuing 200 years, Pocahontas County has witnessed historic conflicts during the Civil War, economic boom in the forest industry, scientific exploration of the universe, and the ebb and flow of populations caused by tourism. Yet, it still provides breath taking beauty and the essentials of clean air, fresh water, and rich soil.

For many, who live elsewhere, it’s where they really want to be.

The Bicentennial Commission

The Bicentennial Commission is a group of citizens motivated by our love of Pocahontas County and dedicated to celebrating its history.

As we approach 2021, we invite individuals (young and old), schools (public and private), communities (large and small), community clubs (local and national), fraternal organizations (veterans), churches (all of them) to join us in remembering, revisiting, and reviving the rich and important history of the homeland we inhabit.

The pride in our mountains and communities runs deep and we invite you to share in this year long Pocahontas County Bicentennial Celebration.